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Updated December 27, 2017

  Futures - Perpetual Futures' Contracts

  FOREX Currencies

  Market Indexes

  NASDAQ 100 - components of the Nasdaq 100

  S&P Stocks - Components of the S&P 500 and S&P 100 with lists

  Widely Held (mostly NASDAQ)

  Broad Based ETFs

  Sector ETFs

  International ETFs

  Russell Stocks - Components of the Russell 2000

  Mutual Funds


  London Stock Exchange - Components of the FTSE 100 and the FTSE 350

  ASX 300 - Components Australia's ASX 300

  NSE - Widely Held Indian Stocks

  Nearest Month Futures' contracts


The data available on this page is updated periodically so there is no need to download data that is of no interest to you currently. You can come back and get that data in the future should your interests change. Each of these links takes several minutes to download depending on its size. Clicking the link more than once does nothing to speed up the download. In fact, it may slow it down.

After downloading, you will find an item in your downloads folder with a similar name to the link you clicked. For example, or Zip files are compressed files which speeds up the downloading process. To use the data, it must be expanded. Safari normally does the expansion on its own while other browsers assume you may not want the zip file expanded.

To expand a zip file that was not expanded by the browser, double click on the zipped file. Expanding the file creates a folder, with a similar name, containing the data and it's respective list. For example, expands to Widely Held and expands to Data . Move those folders into your Trendsetter folder.

To utilized the data, launch our software and select Open List from the File menu. Open the List in the respective folders.

Once the data has been expanded and opened by the main program, you may discard the zipped files from your downloads folder.