Personal Alert Systems

Personal System Alerts, a feature of both Personal Hotline and HotlineX, allows you to design and test your own early warning system. Just one of many time saving concepts that allow you to follow more symbols in less time with your Mac! Our software will perform up to 28 separate tests, 14 for buying and 14 for selling. Each test can then be logically connected to the results of the previous test. There are no languages to learn or programming knowledge required. It is all menu driven so it couldn't be easier! Another reason why customers and reviewers alike say Trendsetter Software is the best technical analysis software. This is what you see when you begin...

Personal System Alert

Let's say you want to set up a test based on slow stochastics, a momentum indicator composed of two lines, %K and %D. One of the traditional ways to use stochastics is to look for %K crossing above %D when %K is above 25. Phrased mathematically: Alert me to buy If (SlowK[n] > 25 and SlowK[n] > %D[n] and SlowK[n-1] < %D[n-1] where n = today. With Hotline, you make a few menu selections, type in a couple of numbers, and you're done!

Stochastics cross

But you want to set up a system of interconnected tests. Here's an example using 4 tests where each test is connected with “And” so that the system only generates a buy signal if all of the tests are positive. In our example, we opt to test if today's close, low and high are greater than yesterday's respective counterparts.

Stochastics system using 4 interconnected tests

With over 30 technical indicators and price choices, all menu driven, seven comparison tests, <, >, =, ≠, X, /, \, to either a constant number or simply to test if the indicator is rising, falling or crossing another value, and the ability to group and connect your tests with logical operators, your ability to set up a system becomes almost endless! And Hotline allows you to set up up different systems for buying and selling. You can choose to individualize your system for each symbol or set up the same system for every symbol in your list. Fast, powerful, easy and flexible!

TURBOCHARGE your trading with Personal Hotline or HotlineX! With multiple, predefined built-in systems, and the flexibility to create your own, you might never miss a buy or a sell signal again!

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